Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy March!

Dear Families,
     Happy March!  It was so nice to sit down and chat with you over the past several weeks about your child's progress in second grade.  It is always wonderful to see how excited (and proud) the kids are to share their learning with you through their Portfolio Share.  I thank you all for taking the time to join me for a conference. 
     Here is a look at what is happening in Room 205.
     We began a new unit during Reader's Workshop this week.  This unit will focus primarily on Series Reading.  Students will learn to follow patterns within a chosen fiction series, and learn how to use these patterns to make predictions.  The children will also track a character throughout the series and notice changes in his/her behavior.  It has been terrific to watch the enthusiasm the kids have shown around books and reading as they make their series selections!  I am really looking forward to some wonderful conversations about Nancy Drew, Jack and Annie, Katie Woo, J.J. Tully, Clementine, Heidi Heckelbeck, and many more as we navigate this unit together.  Be sure to ask your child what they chose as their series for this unit.
     Opinion Writing continues to be our focus during Writer's Workshop.  The kids are learning how to write about their favorite book in ways to persuade others to love it as much as they do.  The children are doing an amazing job drawing the reader into their piece with a captivating introduction and by stating their opinion clearly.  This week we focused specifically on gathering as much text evidence as possible to support their opinions.  We look forward to inviting you to our classroom and sharing our work with you in the coming weeks.  Stayed tuned for more information about our "end of unit" book fair!
     We concluded Unit 8 during math this week.  This unit focused primarily on Fractions, while our next unit will focus on Measurement.  Please refer to the Everyday Math letter in your child's home/school folder for more information about this upcoming unit.

                                                                                                                           Melanie Moll

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