Friday, October 2, 2015

Journey North

     What an exciting day we had in Room 208!  During our science/social studies lesson this morning, we learned what it means to be an ambassador.  The kids discovered that an ambassador is a goodwill representative or messenger.  The role of an ambassador is to cultivate friendship and build cooperation.  In keeping with our Garden Ecosystem and Butterfly theme, students worked together to design and create a Class Symbolic Butterfly that will travel to Mexico as an ambassador.  We brainstormed the types of things we could include on our butterfly to teach children in Mexico about life in Maine.  The kids ideas included pine trees, lobsters, lighthouses, snow, skiing, the American flag, and also monarchs and milkweed.  Please see our final product below.  Next week, we plan to mail this package off to school children in Mexico who live directly beside the monarch winter sanctuaries.
     We also used the Journey North website today to report a monarch sighting here in Yarmouth.  A family in our class sent pictures of three monarch butterflies enjoying the flower garden in their backyard yesterday morning.  We used this as an opportunity to "report a sighting" that would be added to the nationwide map used to track migration.  Together, we drafted the report and were extremely excited when the sighting "went live" after lunch.  I have included the link to this map here:  I am truly enjoying the enthusiasm the kids have for learning!  I am so lucky to be their teacher! 

In other news, we completed our "Goal Setting Conferences" during Reader's Workshop today.  Be sure to ask your child about their first reading goal as a second grader.  I plan to begin working with reading groups next week.  Please check back for more details.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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