Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Peek at Word Work and Spelling in Room #208

     We have certainly found our groove during spelling and word work time!  Each afternoon I am delighted to hear the kids cheer when I announce it is time for word work/spelling!  The kids are incredibly focused as they work both independently and in small groups to build their spelling and letter/sound knowledge.  Their hard work is certainly paying off, as I have already seen significant gains in their daily writing.  Bravo! 
     Throughout the week, the kids practice both high frequency words (Rebecca Sitton Spelling) and   letter/sound patterns (Words Their Way) based specifically on individual needs.  I meet with small groups to provide instruction on letter/sound patterns.  We call these groups "Word Work Groups".  These groups work on teacher guided activities over the course of a two week period.

     Please take a look at word work/spelling in our classroom...

     As you are aware, the kids are introduced to new spelling words each week.  The kids typically participate in a couple of activities that focus specifically on these high frequency words, and then select an activity from the Spelling Menu.  The Spelling Menu currently includes the following choices:  1. Stamping your Words.   2. "Writing" your words with a Q-Tip onto the surface of a tightly sealed ZipLoc Bag filled with paint.   3.  Writing your words on a Spelling Grid.  4. Practicing your words with a triple tip Crayola Marker.  5. Writing your words with Crayola Gel Markers (that have a very cool effect when used on dark paper).  These menu choices change slightly every few weeks.

                                                         Menu Choice - Paint in a Bag                                         

                                                           Menu Choice - Gel Markers

                                                       Menu Choice - Letter Stamps

                                                Menu Choice -Triple Tip Crayola Markers

Word Work Component (Words Their Way)

1.  The kids are introduced to a letter/sound pattern during small group instruction.  The children participate in a word sort that will help them practice their specific pattern. 

            A completed sort after small group instruction.                 Practicing the letter/sound pattern

                                                          Working on a word sort.

2.  The kids participate in a Build and Blend activity based on the letter/sound pattern they are currently working on.  This instruction is provided in a small group setting.  We work together to combine onsets and rimes.  The "onset" is the initial phonological unit of any word (ex.: c in cat) and the term "rime" refers to the string of letters that follow, usually a vowel and final consonants (ex.: "at" in cat).  

                                              Build and Blend - working in a small group.

                                               Working independently on Build and Blend.

                                                                    Build and Blend

3.  The kids glue their word sort to a sorting page and add it to their portfolio.

I plan to mix the Word Work activities up slightly throughout the year to keep the work fresh and the kids engaged.                          

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