Thursday, November 19, 2015

Math Games Galore!

     The kids had an opportunity to play several math games this week to help reinforce a variety of skills.  These skills included fact automaticity and addition/subtraction fact strategies we have been working on during daily instruction.
     On Tuesday, we traveled to the Computer Lab where Mrs. Wolinsky introduced the math game Big Brainz.  Big Brainz was an instant hit!  This game helps kids master their core math facts, while differentiating content to meet the needs of each individual student.  Many students asked about the possibility of playing this game at home.  I have included instructions for playing Big Brainz at home below.
     The kids are also enjoying the card game Name That Number.  I have included the directions for this game below as well.  The kids have discovered this game provides excellent opportunities to "push their math thinking"!  Name That Number is also available as an app.

Big Brainz:

Name that Number:

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