Sunday, March 6, 2016

Math Fluency Practice

     The kids have been working hard both here in the classroom and in our computer lab to develop fluency when solving addition and subtraction math facts.  They have all done a fabulous job strengthening their "addition fluency muscles", and continue to work on building subtraction fact power.  I have listed some resources below that will help with this skill at home.

Xtra Math
Big Brains:  for more information go to our school website (; click on the "Students" Tab; then "Educational Resources"; next click on 2nd Grade; then "Math".
Fact Dash: see our school website
Addition Machine:  see our school website
Subtraction Machine:  see our school website
Sum Sense:  see our school website

      You will also find activities that support each unit of study in Everyday Mathematics on the YES website.  This is a wonderful resource!

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