Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Fantastic First Day!

    We had a wonderful first day in second grade!  I am absolutely amazed at how quickly the children have fallen back into the routine of school.  I am having such a wonderful time learning about my new second grade friends!
     A class favorite today was an activity called,  “Getting to Know You”.  In this activity, the kids began by answering and recording a variety of questions about themselves, such as their favorite color, favorite food, how many letters in their first name, as well as many others.  Once we gathered our information, the game began.  The kids were challenged with finding classmates that matched their own choices.  For example, if Gracie's favorite color was purple, she needed to find a classmate who also chose blue as their favorite color.  This classmate would then write their initials next to this question on Gracie's paper.  A classmate could only initial a paper once.  This turned out to be an extremely engaging activity for the kids, as we learned many new things about one another.
     The children should be very proud of themselves, as they worked hard throughout the day and consistently made great choices.  Bravo!  I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Please enjoy a few pictures from our first day together...

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