Monday, September 26, 2016

Diving into Spelling in Room 208!

     I introduced our Spelling Menu and Spelling Buckets today as a way for the kids to practice their second grade high frequency spelling words.  Each item on the menu provides children with a hands-on opportunity to practice their words.  The manipulatives needed for each menu item are located in our Spelling Buckets.  The menu items included the following:  1.  Paint in a bag - I poured paint into a large plastic bag and secured the top with (LOTS) of tape.  The kids used a Q-Tip to "write" their words on the outside of the bag.  2.  Letter Stamps - the kids used ink pads and letter stamps to spell their words on paper.  3.  Grid Paper - the kids used special grid paper to write their words in the boxes, and then outline them with a marker.  4.  Rainbow Roll and Write - the children rolled dice to determine what color to write their word on the spelling page.  5.  Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check - the kids studied their word carefully, whispered it to themselves, covered the word, spelled it out on the page, then checked their work.  They continued this routine with each of their words.  6. Make, Say, Check, Mix - children used letter cards to spell their word, then pointed to each letter (and whispered the letter name to themselves), then they checked their spelling to assure the word was correct, and finally mixed the letter cards and repeated building the word two more times. 
     The kids were extremely excited about using these materials!  Definitely a great afternoon!  Be sure to ask your child about their favorite Spelling Menu activity.

Paint in a bag                                            Grid Paper

                                                                   Letter Stamps

        Rainbow Roll and Write                                         Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check     


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