Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Writer's Workshop

     We are hard at work during our Writer's Workshop in Room 208.  Our first writing unit focuses on improving narrative craft (small moment stories) by studying the work of master writers.  We have looked closely at the books, Owl Moon and a class favorite, The Night of the Veggie Monster.  Each of these books is a wonderful example of how writers can use details to stretch an important moment across pages.  After reading these books, our conversation led us to ponder the question, "How did these authors come up with their ideas?".  We learned that many authors get their ideas from everywhere - from things they hear and things they see, from books and songs and newspapers and paintings and conversations–and even from dreams.  The children also learned that many authors carry notepads to jot story ideas as they present themselves.  We decided that we could do the same thing with our Tiny Topic Notepads that came home today.  I was absolutely thrilled to see how quickly the kids began jotting ideas for stories in their notepads.  I am excited to see the kids stretch these ideas into small moment stories! 

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