Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Journey North

     In keeping with our Garden Ecosystem and Butterfly theme, students have worked together to design and create a Class Symbolic Butterfly that will travel to Mexico as an ambassador.  The kids discovered that an ambassador is a goodwill representative or messenger.  The role of an ambassador is to cultivate friendship and build cooperation.  We brainstormed the types of things we could include on our class butterfly to teach children in Mexico about life in Maine.  The kids ideas included pine trees, lobsters, lighthouses, snow, skiing, the American flag, and also monarchs and milkweed.  Please see our final product below.  Tomorrow I plan to mail our package off to school children in Mexico who live directly beside the monarch winter sanctuaries.  We look forward to receiving a symbolic butterfly from Mexican students in the spring, around the time real monarchs return to the northeast.

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