Monday, October 24, 2016

"Traveling" to Mexico

     This morning we traveled to the computer lab where Mrs. Wolinsky introduced the kids to the Google Earth website.  This integrated technology lesson connected nicely to our study of monarchs.  Mrs.Wolinsky began by discussing the migration of these fascinating butterflies.  The kids shared the locations of monarch sightings they had observed on the Journey North migration map throughout the fall.  These locations included Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, and finally Mexico (although to date they have not yet arrived at the winter sanctuary).  Mrs. Wolinsky then showed the kids how to use Google Earth to "travel" to these locations.  It was exciting to see the level of engagement as they "traveled" to Mexico!

     The kids were absolutely fascinated with this website!  Be sure to ask your child about this highly engaging technology lesson.  Thank you Mrs. Wolinsky!

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