Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy April!

Dear Families,
     What a wonderful April we are having in Room 205!  It's been so exciting to see the kids' enthusiasm for learning!  I have included pictures below of the some of the highlights of our past several weeks together. 
     The return from April vacation will be filled with new beginnings in all subject areas.
     We will begin Unit 11 in math.  This unit will focus primarily on whole number operations and will revisit multiplication and will introduce division.
     We will also begin a new reading unit, titled "Reading and Role Playing - Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Folktales".  This unit will encourage the children to truly "walk in their character's shoes" to understand the story and characters deeply.  I look forward to giving the kids opportunities to participate in Reader's Theater during this unit.
     I plan to revisit Narrative Writing during Writer's Workshop when we return from break.  After a few weeks of writing Small Moment stories, we will begin our final writing unit, Poetry.
     I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful vacation!
                                                                                                                   Melanie Moll

Beach Day! On April 1st, our cafeteria was transformed into a beach!  The kids were encouraged to dress in their best beach attire, and have a picnic lunch in the cafeteria.  This special day came complete with a summer menu served out of a canoe, while the kids ate and danced to beach themed music.  Fun was had by all!

End of Writing Unit Celebration - Our Book Fair!  A special thank you to all families for making this writing celebration so very special for the kids.  We hope we persuaded you to add our titles to your list of "must reads"!

Making Lava Lamps!  This was such a fascinating activity for the kids.  This culmination to our Science Unit on Matter was a hit!