Friday, May 29, 2015

Dear Families,
    As the end of our school year draws closer, I have a few more updates.  Please see below for details.

 On Wednesday, June 10th, we are planning to have a Read-a-thon in the morning, and watch a movie in the afternoon.  The kids have worked hard to earn these special activities!  I invite children to bring in a pillow, sleeping bag or blanket, a favorite stuffed animal, and any books they would like to enjoy on this day.

 On Tuesday, June 16th, we are planning to have a “student talent show”.  We will join Mrs. Page-Redmann’s and Mrs. Tate’s classes for this fun event.  The kids will have an opportunity to showcase a personal talent, while spending time with friends in other classrooms.  While all children will be part of the audience, performing is optional.  If your child needs a special prop to perform their talent (ex.: hula hoop, instrument), feel free to drop them off in the classroom before school on the 16th.

 Next week, the week of June 1st, will be our last week for volunteers in our classroom.  A very special thank you to all who volunteered  this year!

Our Learning Celebration is scheduled for Tuesday, June 9th, from 9:00-10:00.  We look forward to sharing our learning with you!

 As part of our Learning Celebration, the children will participate in a Reader’s Theater performance.  Several children have asked if they could bring in a prop to enhance their character performance.  For example, a wand for the Fairy Godmother.  I welcome any prop a child would like to bring into the classroom for their play.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Melanie Moll