Saturday, February 13, 2016

Update on the Monarchs

I shared this fascinating video clip with the class this week.  I have posted the link below, as the kids were interested in sharing it with their families.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy February Break!

We had a wonderful day together here in Room #208!  The kids have been hard at work the past few weeks, as we have wrapped up several different units of study.  It was great to take some time today to play math games, celebrate friendship with a card exchange, put the final touches on our portfolios and enjoy the humor of Mo Willems.

Math Games...

A final look at portfolios before they are taken home to share...

Walking in the character's shoes (Elephant's shoes) as he tries Piggie's homemade slop.  What a great friend!

Enjoying our Valentine's cards...

I wish you all a fabulous February break!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Leaving Tracks of our Nonfiction Thinking

I hope the kids were able to take full advantage of our surprise snowfall yesterday.  What a great winter day for sledding and hot cocoa!

The kids have been hard at work in the classroom learning how to "leave tracks of their thinking" in nonfiction books.  Writing about reading helps children process what they are thinking about as they engage in a text.  Jotting their ideas on a Post It also helps deepen the readers' comprehension and can act as a scaffold when they discuss the book with peers.

Below you will find a variety of sentence frames the kids can choose from when stopping to jot.  I introduced each sentence frame in a traditional minilesson format at the beginning of Reader's Workshop last week.  I began by modeling how to use a particular frame in a text, while the kids watched and listened.  I then asked the kids to try the same sentence frame with a partner as I read the book aloud (guided practice).  Finally, the kids were asked to try this new skill in their own books.  I have been quite impressed as the kids consistently have found ways to deepen their level of comprehension, as reflected in their posts!

 Our Nonfiction Posting "Anchor Chart" that will be displayed on our classroom "Reading" bulletin board.

An example of the wonderful thinking the kids have been doing as they read nonfiction books.

Once each sentence frame was introduced, a small version of the anchor chart was added to their Literacy Notebooks, alongside their fiction sentence frames.