Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Book Fair Celebration

A special thank you to families for making our "Book Fair" such an authentic experience for the children yesterday.  They had a fabulous time "selling" their favorite books to you!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Book Character Project

     The kids have been hard at work on a culminating project to our reading unit, "Series Book Clubs." They began this unit working within book clubs, becoming detectives, as they tracked the main character throughout a series, closely watching what the character was feeling, doing, thinking, and saying.  When the child felt that the character was doing, feeling, thinking, or saying something that was very important, that was an indication for them to stop and jot on a Post It.  On the post, the kids used an adjective to describe the behavior and then supported their thinking with evidence.  For example, "Nancy Drew is thoughtful because she offered to help her friend clean up after lunch."  The kids used these posts as "talking points" when they met with the members of their book club.

     Students collected these "stop and jots," all focused on the main character, throughout the series.  Once they completed a book in the series, the kids removed the posts and added them to a poster.  This allowed the kids to easily see patterns in their character's behavior.  The kids learned that patterns in a characters behavior are called Character Traits.  Character Traits are words used to describe how characters act during certain situations or what kind of people they are.

     Finally, the children entered the trait words they had collected on their poster into a Wordle.  If a student had 3 "curious" posts, then they typed the word "curious" 3 times into the Wordle document.  The size of the word in the Wordle changed based on how frequently a word was repeated.  In looking at the Wordle above, the personality trait that most describes the character Daisy is persistent, based on this student's data.

      Finally, the kids created an art piece to accompany all their fantastic character detective work.  The kids should be extremely proud of their work on this challenging task!  I am thrilled with the level of comprehension the kids are showing in their reading!  Bravo!